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Technical SEO: 7 Advantages of Technical SEO that Every Business Should Know

Crawling and Indexing has become quite important for optimizing the website in this competitive age. And that’s where Technical SEO can help. It works in the same way and involves crawl, index, and interpretation with the SEO process. No SEO strategy is complete and reliable without Technical SEO Being part of it.

The Technical SEO never works with the content, rather it works on infrastructure optimization. It is a part of on-page SEO that focuses on different elements and contributes to improving the website ranking.

Many Website owners think that Technical SEO is not for them. But in contrast, it makes things quite easy for everyone by offering proper technical setup. It helps in identifying the problem, duplication and confusion and finding the right solution for it. However, it doesn’t attract visitors nor ask search engines to found it, rather it helps in designing the technically optimized website to solve the dead link problem. This is what every website needs in 2020.

When the website has genuine links, the search engine will itself improve the ranking of your website. Still, aren’t you convinced with the benefits of Technical SEO? Grown up Digital, a renowned SEO Firm in Bangalore is sharing 7 advantages of opting Technical SEO. Have a Look!

  1. It makes the website Faster:

To attract more traffic, the website requires to load faster than you think. And if your website is taking less than 3 seconds to load, then only the user will decide to stay on it. Otherwise, they will become frustrated and fulfil their purpose from another website.

Search Engines also understand this thing and consider the fast loading websites as the best. Therefore, the Technical SEO is necessary for your website as it will do a lot of improving the loading speed.

2. It makes the website Crawlable:

The technical SEO involves the robots to crawl the website by using links for discovering content. It makes sure that the Search engine will understand your website and content on your website, which is very important to improve the ranking.

The best part is that it allows you to guide the robots and decide whether you want them to crawl on your website or not. Also, you can instruct them to crawl on your website page but not display it on the Search engine.

There are two major types of Robots tools involved in Technical SEO:

  • Robots.txt file– It allows you to give directions to robots. But you are required to use it carefully as it is a powerful tool and a small mistake can stop the working of robots. So before using this tool, try to understand everything about its working.
  • Meta Robots Tag: It allows the robot to crawl on the pages while preventing it to display on the Search Engine. This tool will help you to instruct robots and work accordingly.

3. It will prevent Dead Links:

Dead link is really an issue of the big websites as it makes the website very slow. This is the major reason for the bounce back. Sometimes, the dead link can also be the reason for the 404 error page, which is again a big problem. Using SEO Softwares can ease the process of detecting and preventing Dead Links.

The search engine doesn’t like to see these errors on the website. And when it notices the increasing bounce back, it will decrease the ranking of the website. But luckily, Technical SEO helps in preventing dead links and redirect you to the fresh pages. Therefore, this kind of SEO would be best for you.

4. It prevents Duplicate Content:

Duplicate content can cause many big problems to your website ranking. Search Engines gets confused when they notice the same content on multiple sites. And the weird part is that you might have duplicate content issues on your website without even knowing it.

This cannot be an issue for visitors, but the Search Engines will not like it, and eventually, it will take some actions against you. Luckily, Technical SEO can help you in this case. It will indicate the problem and the rank and ask you to make the changes in it. This will prevent duplicate content issues and improve the ranking of your website.

5. It ensures security:

Technical SEO makes your website secure and that’s why your users can easily trust it. Users admire to use the websites that ensure their privacy and fulfil their requirements. Therefore, opting Technical SEO can make scenarios easier for you.

 When users will log in to your website, they will be ensured with safety and no one will be able to hack their account. Search Engines acknowledge the security factor and give importance to the websites that offer the same.

6. It helps in Structuring Data:

Search Engines give preference to the structured data, and the website that has the best content and layout will have a better Search Engine Ranking. Also, the users find such websites easy to understand and they spend more time on them.

The Technical SEO can help you in providing the structural data on the website and increase the overall result. Not only content, but it will also provide the fixed format for images, videos and infographics. This is how you will be able to gain a better rank on the search engine.

7. It offers the XML Sitemap:

Search Engines always asks for Sitemap to register the website. And that’s where Technical SEO can help you by offering XML sitemap. It will never let you miss the importance of content and easily differentiate between pages, posts, tags, and more. You can even customize them according to your requirement.

           Although most of the websites don’t require XML sitemap, its internal linking structure makes things easier for you and Search engines. And not every website has a great structure or management, so having an XML sitemap can help here.

So, it’s not wrong to call Technical SEO as Nutshell. It has upgraded the whole SEO industry by adding technical aspects in it. Apart from Off Page, Keyword Research.etc, there is very much to know about it. Therefore, if you want to know more about Technical SEO, you can contact Grown Up Digital. We would love to advise you with the best.

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