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4 Pillars of SEO strategy that will help you grow your business

SEO helps the business to gain organic traffic and reach on the first page of the Search Engine. It is quite important to do SEO in the right way for better results. And that’s why it becomes quite important to have a genuine SEO strategy.

SEO strategy is a combination of planning, outlining, and implementation that helps in your business growth. Grown Up Digital, a renowned SEO Company in Bangalore focuses on 4 pillars while designing the SEO strategy for any business. And it also going to help you in improving the SEO ranking by generating genuine traffic on the website. Check them out!

1. Technical SEO:

Technical SEO focuses on generating and implementing the readable content that will help the Search Engine to find your website. The content management plays a major role in this case and that’s why you should also focus on them.

The Technical SEO focus on some major areas:

  • Speed: Fast loading time is very important to connect with the user.
  • Tech: The valid search engine friendly tech will make your website easy to understand.
  • Hierarchy: Never do something over the board and follow the same content structure for your website.
  • Crawl: It is very important for Search Engine to identify your website. So technical SEO will use the genuine elements that will make the website easily identifiable.
  • Index: Knowing the best Search engine for your business is very important.
  • Mobile: Not all websites are mobile-friendly. So you have to decide whether you want your website to be mobile-friendly or not.

Technical SEO is most helpful for small businesses and bespoke websites who want to grow instantly. So if you are planning the SEO strategy for your business, consider using Technical SEO and focus on the right website design and development, fast speed, and mobile optimization. Also see our WordPress SEO tips to use WordPress efficiently and rank higher.

2. On-Site SEO optimization:

The On-site SEO optimization is very important to have a well-structured website. You have to think that your website is the only space that should grow properly and combine well with the Technical SEO. When done in the right way, you will be able to apply sensible optimization.

The On-site SEO focus on some major areas:

  • Keywords: The target audience understand the keyword language, so they should be well-researched.
  • Data Markup: The Data markup should be well-structured to improve the click-through rates.
  • UX: User Experience will decide whether users enjoy using your website or not.
  • Content Optimization: The well-structured content with sensible keywords on each page is very important.
  • Meta Description: Meta Description will help in understanding the content, image, or ad in a sorted way.
  • Page Titles: The title majorly attracts the audience, so you should choose it wisely. Insert important keywords in them.
  • Descriptive URLs: URL of the website is very important. But simplicity and descriptiveness are important to make it understandable.

The whole optimization process should depend on the target audience and their way of understanding. For example, you are a local business, the local SEO will play a major role in it and you are, therefore, required to add the address and location to it. Once you are done with On-page optimization, you can pay your whole attention to Content.

3. Content:

Content plays a major role in SEO strategy and you can’t expect your website without content. It answers 5W (What, Where, Why, When, Which) and 1H (How) for the target audience and allow them to connect with your website. So when designing the content, make sure to keep it engaging.

The Content in the Website is divided into 3 categories:

  • Service Content: Answers about What and When
  • Credibility Content: Answers about Why
  • Marketing Content: Answers about everything and help in positioning the website in the competitive market.

For effective SEO, you have to focus on all these kinds of content. Create the balance as you never want your website to divert from its goal. Adding Case studies and testimonials will also help the audience to connect. And if you are facing difficulty while creating such content, Grown Up Digital is here to help.

Here are some points that you can focus on while using Content in your SEO strategy:

  • Optimize every type of content to make a customer’s journey easy.
  • Decide whether you want to do content marketing organically or not.

Ensure to have the right keywords in your content for its better working.

4. Off-Site Authority Building:

Authority building is quite important for SEO strategy; it helps in link building on other reliable platforms. Links are counted as a crucial part of SEO as helps in improving the organic ranking. So before starting the SEO, it becomes quite important to understand link building. If you develop the positive links for your website, it will help you forever. Make use of the right SEO Tools to ease the process of Link building following to the competitor analysis.

It is said that Link-building is the backbone of SEO strategy, therefore you should not take it lightly. Focus on building the real links that have some meaning and use reliable content in it.

SEO is not a complex process if you understand it well. These 4 pillars of SEO will help you to create a reliable Digital Marketing Plan. And if you are unable to do it by yourself, contact Grown Up Digital.

An SEO strategy should follow these 8 steps:

  1. Deciding the Target Audience.
  2. Researching for appropriate keywords
  3. Looking for the opportunities to fill the gaps.
  4. Defining the structure
  5. Add a Hook to attract them.
  6. Checking how your competitor is working
  7. Customize your SEO strategy
  8. Improve and update content accordingly.

By following the SEO plan on a monthly basis, you will be able to take your business on the top. The best SEO strategy is something that includes everything that helps in improving Search Engine Ranking  and becomes an essential types of Digital Marketing. So always keep these SEO Pillars in mind and build a genuine and long-term SEO strategy for your business. You simply have to understand the loopholes and work on them. So thorough research will help you a lot.