SEO Site Migration Services

One of the SEO services that website owners need is assistance when migrating their website.

Migrating a website if it is not well organized can cause serious damage to organic traffic and compromise the entire SEO campaign.

To avoid these problems, SEO migration must be organized.

What is migration and the various types?

Migration is the temporary or definitive process that occurs on a website when establishing a:

  • Graphic migration : graphic restyling (example: replacement of WordPress templates);
  • CMS / Technology migration : CMS replacement (example: switching from Joomla to WordPress; from asp to php; etc.);
  • Domain migration : transition from an old domain to a new one;
  • Hosting / IP migration : change of hosting or IP address;
  • URL migration : modification of the URL structure of a site (example: change from parametric to static URLs);
  • Content migration : changes to the content architecture (example: moving articles to new categories);
  • Https migration : passage from http protocol to https (and vice versa).

The various types of migration can occur individually or simultaneously, for example when it is decided to modify all these aspects.

Ideally one should think about the consequences of any migration and manage them, at the same time as you start thinking about doing it.

In any case, the greater the types of migration to deal with, the greater the commitment, the amount of analysis and the management from the SEO point of view.

Goals of migration from an SEO perspective

Secondly, it is important to understand the effects of penalties :

  1. typically it is the loss of positions in the serp for one or more keywords for which it was previously positioned;
  2. in serious cases the complete exclusion of our site from the Google results. In this case the site has been banned.

The stages of an SEO migration

It is necessary to know that there are 2 types of penalties :

  1. Algorithmic : they are caused by Google's algorithms (mainly Penguin and Panda);
  2. Manuals : are provoked by the Google antispam team, usually due to reports from users.

Why contact an SEO expert?

We always keep in mind that migration has an economic and technical impact , therefore it is necessary to make the right assessments of what is necessary and indispensable to implement to limit migration costs to a minimum.

An expert SEO Agency is able to establish which assets must be preserved and which instead can be considered secondary, managing the technical aspects and thus limiting the losses in terms of positioning, organic traffic and turnover.

Have you decided to migrate your website and don't want to lose traffic, leads and sales?

Have you migrated your website and have already lost traffic, leads and sales?

Don't waste any more time, contact a professional!

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