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If you are looking for SEO services for your website and a serious and experienced professional to whom you can entrust the optimization for search engine positioning, this is the right resource.

I will try to explain to you what SEO optimizations and related services consist of, as I believe that a potential customer should be trained and understand well what he is going to buy.

Contents index:
1. How Search Engines Work
2.Understanding SEO: who performs SEO positioning and services
3. The purpose of SEO services
4. How I do SEO services and how I organize them
5. Customer Reviews
6. Faq Questions and Answers about SEO services
7. Request SEO services

First thing: how Search Engines work

Google is not the 3rd secret of Fatima and no SEO Specialist or Web Agency controls them . They are regulated by a series of more or less influential algorithms that determine the serp.

Since Google's goal is to provide results that are increasingly relevant to user queries, these algorithms are continuously updated in order to guarantee an always better search experience.

For more information I recommend you read the following articles:

  • How does a search engine work?
  • How Google works: Crawling, Indexing and Positioning

Understanding SEO: who performs SEO positioning and services

SEO positioning services that include on-page and off-page SEO activities should be carried out by SEO Specialists and SEO agencies that study search engines, their algorithms and work on site code, internal and external linking and other ranking factors, for a website to perform in the serp for several keywords relevant to the topic of the site they work on.

It is therefore necessary to have skills and knowledge, both vertical and horizontal, and you must always be updated, as Google continuously changes its algorithms.

The SEO consultant , if he deems it necessary, makes use of other competent professionals in their branch of activity, in order to provide high quality SEO services to their clients' sites.

The SEO Specialist is not an all-rounder, but a professional specialized in the study of search engines and their positioning dynamics.

The purpose of SEO services

It is important to underline that the aim of SEO is the visibility on search engines and the consequent increase in organic traffic  and positioning on Google .

SEO is just one component of the so-called "web marketing circle".

Web Marketing activities have sometimes more complex purposes and for this reason the figure of the Web Marketing Specialist differs from that of the SEO Specialist.

How I do SEO services and how I organize them

Erogo services to Web Agency, Companies and Freelancers. For a matter of commercial clarity I have divided the SEO services into 8 phases :

  1. Intelligence: keywords research and study of competitors
  2. Technical SEO Audit: SEO analysis
  3. Editorial plan drafting
  4. SEO Copywriting: creation and optimization of texts
  5. On-site optimization
  6. Off-site optimization
  7. Monitoring: Measure and Optimize
  8. Reporting: Organic Traffic and Objectives achieved

Each phase is a separate service which can also be purchased separately .

Intelligence: keywords research and competitors analysis

The analysis of web competition allows us to analyze the digital strategy of its online competitors and fully understand its competitive scenario, offering tips and opportunities to improve its site and enhance it, to align it with the main competitors and with the ultimate goal of making it the leader. in the reference sector.

To increase your brand awareness, you need to analyze what online competition does.

Knowing the channels, contents and the best keywords with which competitors acquire new customers is the key to being competitive in their market niche.

Companies that practice systematic and advanced profiling of competitors can have a significant advantage.

A complete profiling capability is a fundamental and necessary skill for successful competition.

If you want to grow your company and you want to find out what strategies the competition uses to sell your own products or services, request the Online Competitor Analysis now!

Technical SEO Audit: SEO analysis

The SEO Audit is a fundamental activity in order to diagnose any "disease" and to determine the amount and type of work to be done to transform a website from an unknown common to a working machine that can produce a real benefit for a company.

Performing the SEO analysis means working to check:

  • internal and external linking
  • the response codes and any 404/410 resources;
  • duplicate resources
  • the fundamental meta tags (title, description, keywords)
  • resource directives (index, noindex, follow, nofollow)
  • web server log files
  • analyze the backlink profile: anchor, type, sources
  • diagnose any penalties

From the technical SEO Audit comes an analysis document which consists of a detailed plan where the problems are diagnosed and the solutions and activities that need to be implemented in order for the site to have visibility on the search engines.

Consequently, this document is of enormous value and not the typical "copy and paste" proposed unnecessarily by many agencies.

For websites under construction , the SEO Audit is carried out work in progress to prevent problems that would be more complex to manage once the website is completed and published online.

These are only the basics of  SEO Audit , I avoid going further to not be too verbose and in any case for more information on the service do not hesitate to visit the page dedicated to SEO Audit.

Editorial plan drafting

The drafting and subsequent development of the Editorial Plan stems from the certainty that sites that are poor in content or with poor quality content will never be able to conquer the top positions in the Google ranking.

So the keywords will be implemented on the site through content created ad hoc. These contents must deal with the topics clearly and accurately in order to be useful, interesting and informative for users.

If the editorial plan provides continuous support, new search terms on which to produce the articles will be selected every month.

SEO copywriting: content creation and optimization

The SEO Copywriting service consists in the creation and optimization of the texts in order to make them interesting for the search engines but at the same time for the users.

In this phase I usually turn to professional copywriters so that they create attractive texts for users, limiting my activity to the optimization of texts for search engines.

This phase is important because it concerns one of the fundamental characteristics of web marketing: persuasion .

Of course, once ready, the texts must be approved by the customer before being published on the site.

For more information see the page dedicated to the SEO copywriting service.

On-site optimization

This On-site or on-page optimization collects all those optimizations that are performed on website pages.

My activities will focus on optimizing the site code, intervening directly if it is possible to have ftp data, CMS credentials and all the data that I consider necessary.

If I believe that the problems go beyond my technical skills, I will turn to other professionals in order to solve all the problems. Some examples of interventions on the code are:

  1. Correct optimization of fundamental metatags (creation or implementation of automated compilation systems, in the case of particularly deep and complex sites);
  2. Implementation of the right directives to avoid duplicate content, including canonical rel ;
  3. Implementation of automated systems in order to obtain a Sitemap in xml format of the site always updated and well compiled;
  4. Compilation or correction of the Robots.txt file;
  5. SEO friendly URL generation ;
  6. Optimization of CSS and Javascript files;
  7. Minimization of all files (css, js, html, php, etc.);
  8. Reduction of css and js calls;
  9. Image optimization and resizing (implementation of the mod_pagespeed on the server side, in the case of deep and complex sites);
  10. Compilation of all the fundamental attributes of the images ;
  11. Compilation of all the fundamental attributes of the links;

At the end of these interventions there will also be an improvement in the usability and loading speed of the website pages.

Off-site optimization: Link Building

The off-site or off-page optimization activities are those related to increasing link popularity. Selecting only quality and highly relevant sites is the primary purpose of this phase of SEO services.

This is a research and action phase : "research" because I have to identify and select relevant websites as reliable sources of links; "Action" intended as contact with the webmasters of these sites and publication of links on the selected sites.

By relevant sites I mean sites, blogs and forums that deal with the same topic as the client site.

Of course I will also consider social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., but only to increase the virality of the published content, as the links from these sites all have the rel = "nofollow" attribute.

The same goes for press release and article marketing sites, which even if they no longer have the value of the past, they can also increase the virality of the contents and therefore are links with potential commercial value.

For more information, visit the page dedicated to the Link Building  and Backlink Analysis service .

Monitoring: Measure and Optimize

Only by analyzing the statistics and measuring the objectives achieved and failed, can I carry out scientific work.

In this analysis phase I use tools for monitoring web metrics. I mainly use Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager , with which I set:

  • Filters and segments to have customized metrics;
  • Objectives on the key pages of the site (e.g. purchase confirmation page for an e-commerce; e.g. thank you page after sending a form; etc.);
  • Event tracking (very useful for monitoring downloads);
  • Custom reports and Dashboards to allow you to have a picture of the situation with a glance at both me and the customer;
  • Etc.

Secondly, I monitor the site with Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools which provide, even if with a few days of latency, very important information on the health of the site and therefore on on-site optimization.

Configuring these tools well is essential, especially when you need to place multilingual sites .

Finally, I use link intelligence tools such as Majestic SEO and Ahrefs , with which I monitor link building strategies and therefore off-page optimization.

These tools are very useful to prevent any penalties from Penguin, due to negative SEO techniques. By monitoring the incoming links, you can immediately find some suspicious links and run for cover.

By measuring all these factors, they are able to guarantee excellent SEO services and total control over all the factors of the campaign.

Reporting: the situation is under control

The customer is perhaps not always right, but surely he must always be informed. An informed customer is a happy customer.

As my customer you will have access to the analysis dashboard at any time and you will be able to see all the trends through the customized dashboard, created specifically for your site.

Also monthly you will receive a report with the list of all the SEO activities carried out and the main acquisition and KPI metrics :

  • Organic visits
  • Search query
  • Incoming links
  • Goals achieved
  • etc.

SEO Testimonials:

We have SEO clients for the past 5 years. They are with us because of our results to them. Below are some of the testimonials from our clients

Kamalesh and Abhishek know their stuff in SEO and they can do anything and everything in SEO. Glad that I found Grown Up Digital after getting cheated from 3 SEO companies in Bangalore.

Yashodar Founder: Zippy Bags

These guys use advanced SEO strategies and educated me on this. They ranked my website in 5 months for the top competitive keyword in Solar niche for US target region.

Daryl Bush Founder: Ecotality

Highly recommend Grown Up Digital guy's. They are ranking my website for very high competitive keyword from 4 years.

Santosh Nataraj Marketing Head: Delopt

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers about SEO services

To request SEO services, simply fill in the form on the contact page by entering all the information requested. Within 24 working hours you will be contacted at the email address that you have indicated to arrange a conference call with one of our SEO consultants (not with a salesperson) in order to discuss your project and clarify the details of the service. Following the conference call and the subsequent feasibility check, we will send you the quote and agreement to formalize the start of the collaboration.


The SEO services we provide always include all aspects of SEO, including market and competitor surveys, technical SEO optimizations, On-Page and Off-Page.


The SEO consultant will work closely with your webmaster or your IT department to provide you with clear and comprehensive indications about all the optimization operations to be performed. As a rule, these interventions must be physically performed by you or your webmasters. If this is not possible, we will take care of providing you with alternative solutions, which however may entail extra costs.

You can monitor the results obtained through the Google Analytics and Google Search Console panels and through the smart-to-use dashboards specifically created for your project. Furthermore, we will monthly verify together the results produced by the execution of the optimization interventions and we will evaluate together the progress made in the process of approaching the objectives set.

Customer care takes place exclusively through conference calls, based on the agreed consultancy hours.

Request SEO services

We hope we have summarized in a clear and transparent way the phases of the SEO services we carry out and, above all, we have made you understand the important amount of work behind an SEO campaign.