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Search Engine Positioning Services

The ranking in search engine aims to place a website in the top positions of the natural results of Google for specific keywords with the aim to be found when a user searches for products or services related to our business.

It is certainly among the forms of advertising on the Internet with the maximum return on investment and it is precisely for this reason that investing in Search Engine positioning is now essential for all companies and professionals who want to acquire customers via the web.

Search Engine Positioning service phases
1. Study of research habits
2. Definition of the site architecture
3. Check technical problems
4. CMS configuration
6. Analysis and preparation of contents
7. Contents optimization
8. Monitoring with Webmaster Tools
9. Site popularity increase
Each of these phases is fundamental for putting yourself in a position to obtain search results with a view to positioning on search engines and increasing organic traffic.

Study of users research habits

In order to be found by potential customers when carrying out research related to our business, it is necessary to study users research habits to be sure of how they tend to search for our products or services.

The study of research habits shows the keywords on which to work for the search engine positioning campaign.

It is important to understand that the positioning of specific keywords on Google search engine is the means by which we get more organic traffic to our site.

Organic(Search Engine Optimization) traffic is that, which is coming from the natural links of search engines.

For obvious reasons, the better the SEO positioning of our site, the greater the traffic we get and the greater the chances that a user will buy one of our products or request information about our service.

Example of traffic increase through search engine positioning of a site:

Of course, the products or services we offer must be up to par, competitive and presented in the correct way so that they are attractive to users who visit our site.

Otherwise the traffic coming from the search engines will not be enough to increase the turnover of a site.

Definition of the site architecture

In this phase the site structure is prepared for positioning on search engines.

Establish the keywords to work on to improve the search engine positioning. These will have to be implemented in the architecture of the site.

After analyzing the current structure, an ideal architecture will be studied and proposed to facilitate the search engine positioning of your site.

This structure must be respected as much as possible to obtain satisfactory search results and in reasonable times.

Check technical problems

Verifying the presence of technical problems that can prevent the correct indexing by the search engines is essential for SEO positioning.

Each site can present critical issues of different nature and only an accurate analysis carried out by an expert SEO consultant can highlight them and explain how to solve them.

For more information on this phase it is advisable to read the page dedicated to SEO audit where I explain in detail the analyzes that we carry out to position a site on Google.

Configuring the CMS to make it SEO friendly

Each CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Magento , Prestashop, etc.) presents its best practices for making the best search engines optimization friendly.

Although CMS are increasingly SEO friendly, none of them as it appears in its standard configurations are truly performing for the purpose of positioning a website on search engines.

For this reason, in this phase we configure it so that it maximizes and enables us to reach the pre-established positions.

Analysis and preparation of contents

The products or services that we promote and sell through our site must be presented to users in the correct way , with the main characteristics and highlighting all the advantages. This can greatly help in positioning in Google.

Furthermore, the contents will have to answer user’s doubts and reassure them that our products and services are excellent, the best out there. This will bring the CTR and dwell time on the website which will further convince Google to improve Search engine positioning.

For this purpose, the contents on the site will be studied and the guidelines will be indicated so that they present your services and products in the correct way.

Contents optimization

Each page of a site has a series of contents including text, images, PDFs, videos and many others.

Each of this content must be well understood by Google if we want the pages to be well positioned on the search engine for the keywords of interest.

To this end, in this phase we optimize every content so that it is perceived correctly by the search engine spiders and allows us to position ourselves on the first pages of search engines.

For more information, you can deepen the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) copywriting service.

Monitoring with Webmaster Tools

In order for the search engines to perceive their resources in the correct way, each site must be included in the Webmaster Tools that the search engines themselves make available to them.

For example, Google provides us with Google Search Console , while Bing provides us with Bing’s Webmaster Tools.

Both of these tools must be configured in the most appropriate way in order to perform their task and put us in a position for search engines positioning of our site.

In this phase, we will take care of configuring all the monitoring panels so that everything is set up correctly.

Popularity of a site

Now that your site is well optimized for search engines and presents the content that users expect to find, the next step is to increase the popularity of your site by making known and spreading the pages that illustrate the products and services that you sell.

Google favors the positioning of popular and trusted sites (also called Trust Sites).

To this end, in this phase we focus on making your resources known which will be distributed on vertical sites related to your sector.

For more information, it is advisable to read the page relating to the SEO link building service.

All the phases illustrated allow you to position a site on search engines and only after so many managed projects and successful case histories accumulated over the years can we say with certainty that we can perform top-level SEO services, guaranteeing an increase in traffic and search engine positioning for our clients.

Search engine positioning costs

The costs for positioning on search engines vary mainly according to the reference market and according to the objectives to be achieved in terms of visits and turnover (to know all the factors with which the quote is determined, Weinvite you to read the SEO quote page ) .

For this, in order not to shoot random numbers, it is advisable that you ask us for a personalized Google positioning quote.

In any case, if you want to have an indicative idea, you can read the page dedicated to SEO costs.

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