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Increase your SEO performance with personalized high quality Digital PR service. If you are a web agency, a freelance or the SEO consultant of a company, we offer the definitive solution for your Link Building needs in India & other countries.

How the Link Building service works

The Link Building service (or link acquisition) is one of the fundamental elements of every successful SEO campaign , given the importance of backlinks in the algorithms that determine the positioning on search engines. In practice we offer 2 solutions to our customers:

Both solutions are designed for sites operating in all sectors (especially the most competitive ones such as gambling, hardware, etc.) and include the following operating phases:

Tell us your need for results, your budget and what type of backlink you would like to buy for your project. With this information we study the best acquisition strategy.

Tell us your need for results, your budget and what type of backlink you would like to buy for your project. With this information we study the best acquisition strategy.

We identify the best portals of your niche (blogs, online newspapers, etc.), based on the quality / price ratio, and publish the articles with the backlinks that point to your website.

To all web agencies that need to purchase backlinks to promote their customers' sites and delegate link building activities to an expert.

For the freelance who wants to buy high quality backlinks or make a monthly plan with a predetermined budget and guaranteed publications on vertical sites.

Identification of technical problems that affect the loading speed of your site's pages and that can negatively affect the User Experience and therefore damage placements and conversion rates.

Link Building Guide: what it is and how it works

If you have only heard of Link Building and it is your first approach, follow the minimum information necessary to understand the topic and the value of this activity well. With this guide you will learn:

  • Introduction to Link Building
  • Definition of Link Popularity
  • What are SEO Backlinks: definition and meaning
  • The types of Backlinks
  • Characteristics of the backlink profile
  • Link Building best practices

Introduction to Link Building

Link building is an SEO strategy used to increase the popularity of a website ( link popularity ) through the acquisition of incoming links to the site to be positioned.

The goal is to increase the Domain Authority of your site in the eyes of Google and consequently obtain more organic visibility.

The term "link building" is actually obsolete and it is more correct to speak of " link earning " since more than built, the links must be earned. In fact, acquiring links is a complex process, which requires time and skills, as not all backlinks are created equal.

The backlinks procured with this tactic are manual and if they do not present a whole series of requirements and the appearance of editorial links, it is possible to incur algorithmic or manual penalties.

What are Backlinks: definition and meaning

A backlink (or inbound link ) is an inbound link from other websites that points to a specific page of our site, through the anchor text (the hyperlink text, which often corresponds to the keyword you want position).

The backlinks are considered by Google and other search engines as a sort of " vote " that is given to our content: the higher their number and quality, the greater the consideration that will be given to us in the web positioning.

There are many factors that positively influence positioning, but among the main ones there is the value of backlinks from prestigious sites (therefore authoritative) and qualitatively valid ones (therefore not spam).

For this reason it is useful to clean the domain of all "toxic" backlinks, which can negatively influence the evaluation of our site.

To all web agencies that need to purchase backlinks to promote their customers' sites and delegate link building activities to an expert.

Link Building best practices

Link building is an activity that cannot be learned overnight but requires strong intuition and great SEO skills in order to be carried out correctly.

By following these best practices you will be able to optimize your backlinks and obtain positive results in terms of organic positioning, avoiding performing regrettable and counterproductive actions.


1. Vary the anchor text

Search engines take the anchor text contained in the backlinks of a site very seriously to determine its organic positioning.

Depending on this, if you want to position yourself in SERP for a specific keyword, it is useful to have some backlinks with the same anchor.

It is equally important, however, to vary the anchors, because if you use the same keywords too many times in the links pointing to your site, Google may penalize you precisely for those keywords.

So try to acquire links with different anchor text, use synonyms, singular, plural and do not neglect even the brand name, in this way your link profile will seem spontaneous and not forced.


2. Spread backlinks across multiple pages

Acquire deep links , that is, try to get links that also point to the various internal pages of your site, do not focus only on the home page.

It will certainly not be easy, acquiring deep links can be more or less easy depending on the type of site: blogs, for example, tend to have more deep links than the site of a known brand.


3. Evaluate Indirect Links

The Link Building can also be supported by an indirect link strategy , in other words, in addition to obtaining direct links pointing to your site, it is useful to promote and strengthen the sites that link to you.

By strengthening the sites that link to you, you will indirectly gain an advantage.


4. Get NoFollow and DoFollow links

The NoFollow is an attribute that indicates to search engines that that link must not influence the positioning of the linked site.

Contrary to popular belief, it is advisable to have a balanced backlink structure, which includes DoFollow and NoFollow links, even if the latter do not pass link juice.


5. Purchase links gradually

Link building should be a marathon, not a race. To get good results, it is preferable to balance the amount of links you get over time.

The pace of acquisition , if it were too fast , could cause a penalty. Therefore I do not recommend getting backlinks quickly.


6. Diversify the links and mentions

Strategic link building cannot be defined with the "all or nothing" formula. For this reason it is better to spread links and mentions on many different sources.


7. Plan different and concrete tactics

Study an SEO strategy that has achievable goals: do not aim only at obtaining a good ranking for highly sought after keywords, but on which there is an excessive level of competition.

For example, it is better to try to position yourself with a combination of long tail keywords than to immediately aim too high.


8. Participate in conversations

For a good organic positioning on search engines, the relevance of your site with other sites in the same sector is the key to success.

Make sure that you talk about your site and your business, make sure that your brand is mentioned, listen and participate in online conversations.


9. Avoid low-quality sites and guest post containers

Do not try to acquire backlinks on low quality sites and avoid "guest post containers" are considered of little value. Remember: an easy link is almost never a good link.

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