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Why is SEO Keyword Research important to Improve Search Engine Ranking? The Beginner’s Guide

Every Search Engine follows their different algorithm and they update it from time to time. But they never change one element in the algorism, i.e. Using Keywords. Well, it’s not wrong to say that SEO Keyword research is therefore an important SEO Tip to improve ranking on the Search Engine.

Keywords play a very important role in making your website easily searchable. And the users also search for keywords to get genuine information. So the keyword is a word that has some great significance in Search Engine.

Keyword research is an activity of identifying meaningful and valuable keywords for the website to increase its searchability. It works as the path for your website that searches usually follow. Something that is searched by most of the people is known as the High-volume keyword, and this is where every business owner is advised to focus.

The SEO keyword research should be done genuinely and it should match with the website’s content. Even your content should also include genuine keywords to improve the website’s rank. Therefore, choosing the keywords is a big job and you should do it while keeping the target audience in mind. (Target audience is the users, visitors, searchers, or anyone who can be benefited from your website.) Take the help of an SEO Company to do Keyword research and select them.

Steps to do SEO Keyword Research:

Before moving to the steps, Grown Up Digital wants to give some very important information- No two similarly looking keywords are the same. They both will have different search volume, competition and trend percentage. Therefore, choosing the right keyword carefully to become even more important.

You can use the SEO Tools to do the Keyword research. But before that, you are required to follow some very important steps:

Step 1: Understand your Business Niche.

Before starting the SEO Keyword research, we would advise you to understand your business Niche. It will help you to find genuine keywords and design the appropriate SEO strategy for your business. Here are some ways to understand everything about the niche:

  • Discuss with the users and let them describe the company, brand or service in their word.
  • Think like a potential customer and decide what you will search to reach your website.
  • Read, discuss and find everything about competitors to know more about the niche.

Step 2: Understand the Goal:

Everyone does keyword research for different reasons and that’s why you are required to be sure about the goal. And for this, you are required to get the answer for these questions like:

  • Who are you and what is your brand?
  • What makes it different from others?
  • What makes your website different?

When you will get the answers to these questions, you will be able to easily grow and make a genuine SEO strategy. This is how you can define the goal of SEO keyword research and start working on them. Make sure to write down the goal so that you can remember it.

Step 3: Define the Relevant Topics:

As now you are aware of your goals, you can move forward on defining the relevant topics to achieve that goal. Prepare a list of all the topics and check for their rank on Search Engine. And the interesting part is that almost every common business and websites have the same type of topics. These topics are searched by the target audience. So preparing their list is quite important.

Step 4: Prepare a Chart of Matching Keywords:

Now, you can prepare sub-topics from the searched topics and start using them as the keywords. These can be relevant with your website and can later on be used as the database. Most importantly, out of that, your target audience must be searching for something.

The Matching keywords or focus keywords play a very important role in the whole SEO keyword research process. And if you think finding them and preparing their list is a difficult task, then you must give it a try. It simply involves some brainstorming and makes the overall process quite easier.

Step 5: Use Keyword Research Tools:

The SEO Keyword researching process is interesting, but you have to be sure about every keyword you are using on your website. And that’s where keyword research tools can help. It avoids all the useless terms and offers you the data with mostly searched keywords and their search volume. You can pick on the best-suited ones from the data and move forward to other steps.

Step 6: Know the Search Intent:

Every website uses keywords to get a result. And if the keyword’s earlier data is not appropriate, then how will you consider it as the focus keyword? Therefore, always check the keyword’s ranking before inserting it on your website. There are many tools to compare them, so simply pick the best one for you.

Search intent is the real reason for searching the keyword and Grown Up Digital suggest you don’t ignore this step. It’s more like setting the goal step. But even more interesting. When you know the reason why people search for something, things become quite easier for you. Also, it will help you to find the high-volume keywords most easily.

Step 7: Focus on Long-Tail Keywords:

Long Tail Keywords give you a better opportunity as they are more descriptive. Also, your target audience searches for them the most. It will solve your purpose and increase the result percentage. These keywords may get fewer clicks, but since these are relevant to your brand and your audience is searching for it, they will improve the conversion rate.

Once you are done with all the following steps, you can simply compare your list with your competitors’. After all, it’s quite important to do better than them and grab traffic.

SEO keyword research describes your website or brand and search engine also focus on them to spread awareness about your brand. Therefore, make sure to do your research appropriately and contribute to improving your Ranking. Make sure to understand everything before jumping to the searching process.

Grown up Digital has tried to explain everything about SEO keyword research and the process involved in it. We hope it was beneficial for you. 

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