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SEO Consulting Services

Through online SEO consultancy, I support companies that want to increase the sales of their e-commerce site and commercial contacts from their website or who want to launch new products on the market and increase Brand Awareness.

All with the utmost clarity and professionalism, without false promises and long contracts. On this page you will discover:

1. Services Included in Consulting
2. Who it is for
3. Methods and timing of delivery
4. How does SEO consultancy work?
4.a. Hourly SEO Consulting
4.b. Package SEO consultancy
4.c. Project SEO consultancy
5. Why buy the SEO consultancy service?
7. How to understand if the consultancy has improved the SEO of your site?
8. How much does SEO consultancy cost?
9. Are you the right consultant to trust?
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Services Included in Consulting

After more than 200 managed SEO projects and multiple case histories accumulated over the years, you can take advantage of my online SEO consultancy services and my expert opinion about:

For more information I invite you to see all the SEO services that I offer.

Who is SEO consulting for?

It is suitable for sites of all sizes and for short, medium and long-term projects that want to improve marketing on Search Engines,

In recent years I have accumulated experiences that allow me to define simple and complex strategies and follow every type of SEO activity, even the most critical.

Please check my SEO consultant career or my successful case histories .

It is important to specify that my core business is the white-label services that I provide to other consultants and SEO agencies , as I prefer a clientele able to bring a constant work flow every month.

Methods and timing of delivery

There are no precise and rigid rules: on the basis of the peculiarities of the project and the SEO service object of the consultancy, the best delivery methods and implementation times are established.

For example: technical and marketing SEO consultancy favors the creation of specific documents that will be sent as soon as the service is complete.

It therefore requires, in some cases, even weeks to be carried out correctly.

The micro consulting or coaching , however, may take place online via Skype / Hangout and sold out within hours.

In any case, with availability and scheduling, we will be able to agree on both the delivery methods and the best timing for the delivery of the consultancy.

Why online competition analysis is important

It is quite simple: in the pre-analysis phase we will establish my tasks and once it is clear to me the amount of work to be done I will show you the compensation for my SEO consultancy.

In this way you will always know from the beginning the investment you will have to face, without having to constantly worry about how much the project will cost you in the end.

I like to keep things simple and for this we can agree on an hourly, package or project cost.

Hourly SEO Consulting

The hourly SEO consulting is suitable for micro consultancies and short-term projects, or for those who wish to receive assistance and SEO advice on specific issues which require a few hours of work.

This model is suitable for colleagues, e-commerce owners, webmasters and is also applied for coaching.

Indicatively the hourly cost is:

  • 1 hour: 3000 INR
  • 5 hours: 12000 INR + GST
  • 10 hours: 24000 INR + GST

Package SEO consultancy

The SEO consulting package is suitable for short and medium-term projects.

It is the solution preferred by web agencies, because of the simplicity and clarity of costs, as they receive certain services at a fixed cost and without fees.

For example, you could purchase the keyword analysis service and the SEO audit in the form of a package.

To take advantage of the SEO consultancy package you need to request a customized quote.

Project SEO consultancy

The SEO consulting project is ideal for medium and long-term projects.

We will establish a deposit to start positioning activities and a monthly fee to increase results.

It is suitable for any site that wants to start the process of visibility and positioning on search engines or for sites already positioned that want to increase their organic traffic .

You will be followed from the early stages of strategy planning and accompanied throughout the duration of the project.

To take advantage of SEO project consultancy, you must request a customized quote.

Why buy the SEO consultancy service?

To increase organic traffic and sales if you have an e-commerce site (see  SEO for eCommerce ) or traffic and leads if you have a corporate site.

It is also suitable for companies that need to launch a new product on the market and want to make it known.

How to understand if the consultancy has improved the SEO of your site?

In summary, following the SEO consultancy, the graph of the organic traffic of your site must present a trend of this type:

For more information, I invite you to read the article in which I explain how to evaluate the progress of an SEO campaign so that you can get an accurate picture of the situation.

How much does SEO consultancy cost?

The cost of an SEO consultation depends on many factors (you can see the SEO costs page where I indicate the maximum prices and the SEO quote page where I went into the details of the matter).

Consequently, my compensation depends on the nature, complexity and amount of work to be done.

Some projects require more work than others, as each project has its own peculiarities and for this reason I have not established a fixed commission a priori.

Are you the right consultant to trust?

To answer this question, I invite you to read the About me page, where I tell my story and the details of my career and the reviews of my customers.

It is also advisable to visit my Linkedin profile where there are also the reviews of some of my customers.

My values are: Competence, Honesty and Passion. These values are completely reflected in the SEO consultancy service.