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Top 9 Chrome Extensions for SEO

When making a proper SEO positioning, it is important to use some SEO tools that make our work more efficient.

Some of them are the Chrome extensions for SEO that I’m going to talk about in this post today.

These add-ons for your browser make life a little easier by working with SEO and other related digital marketing techniques.

You have at your disposal extensions of the analytics, tracking and indexing area. Also, content, along with applications to analyze popularity, internal and external links.

This also can be a great addon in your Latest SEO techniques that you use in 2020

Do you want to know what Chrome SEO extensions consist of and what they are for ? Take a good look at what comes next. 👇👇👇

Analysis, crawling and indexing: what are the best Chrome SEO extensions?

As you know, SEO analysis and measurement are essential .

On the other hand, making our online site traceable is also essential.

To optimize you need to analyze and measure the results of the optimization actions that you are implementing.

Look! Here are some of the Chrome Extensions , which will allow you to improve the SEO performance of the tasks you perform on your page.

Come and discover those that best suit your needs! 😉

1. Google Tag Assistant

Quickly check if specific tags have been implemented correctly: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Ads Conversion Tracking and Remarketing.

In what way? Well, through four colors:

  • Green indicates that the label is working properly.
  • Blue, which is doing well, but could be improved.
  • Yellow means there are low-level complications.
  • And the red indicates that it does not work correctly.

In addition, it provides reports on Google tag implementation errors. And to counter them, it proposes alternative solutions.

2. See Robots

This Chrome SEO extension offers users accurate data about the meta robots tag of the online site.

How can you determine the status of the tag and avoid inherent errors in indexing and crawling?

Again, through particular colors and color combinations:

  • Green, for the label “robots” with attributes “index, follow”.
  • Red, label “robots”, attributes “noindex, nofollow”.
  • Green (left) and red (right), label “robots”, attributes “index, nofollow”.
  • Red (left) and green (right), label “robots”, attributes “noindex, follow”.

3. View Rendered Source

This Chrome plugin performs source code comparisons of a given URL before and after rendering.

With it you can check which elements have been removed (in red) and which others have been incorporated (in green).

The importance of Chrome plugins in the content area

The SEO optimization of the content of a web page can be achieved through some extensions Chrome SEO ideal for this.

What do you want to know what they are? To the mess:

1. SEO Meta in 1 Click

It makes it possible to acquire precise data on: title and meta description, URL, Meta Robots, hierarchy of headers, number of images with or without ALT, Open Graph tags, information on data on Robots.txt and sitemap.xml.

2. Web Developer Toolbar

This Chrome plugin is extremely versatile, complete and efficient. Every professional SEO specialist should know it.

Do you want to know what some of its most attractive options are? So, you can not stop reading the following list:

  • Disable – Disable Javascript: Blocks Javascript. In these cases, it detects the presence of navigation problems.
  • CSS: you can block the CSS Inline, look at the style sheet or edit the CSS code. It is the preferred alternative of different design professionals.
  • Images: Analyze the images on the web page, using: Display Alt Attributes, Display Image Dimensions, Find Broken Images, View Image Information.
  • Information: Also, it draws the attention of many designers. Some of its most useful functions are View Color Information and View Document Outline.

As you can see, this Chrome extension is responsible for analyzing the content of a web page to optimize positioning. Use it!

Popularity, internal and external links: the most useful Chrome applications

On the other hand, Chrome SEO extensions are also useful in relation to popularity and to manage the different links on your site, which are important.

But what is the importance of internal and external links in relation to SEO? They are essential elements to improve the authority and relevance of your website.

Are you ready to learn a little more about these Chrome extensions? Here they go:

1. Redirect Path

By using this extension you will have information about the response code of a website and, at the same time, different redirects.

As you may know, redirects are commands that redirect users from one web page to another.

Among the most common are the 301 , 302, 404 and 500 redirects .

2. Redirect Path

Linkparser manages reviews of all links on a web page efficiently.

As it does? Applying different colors that differentiate: internal and external links, subdomain links, dofollow attributes and nofollow links.

3. No Follow

To detect nofollow links in a URL, you can use this Chrome SEO extension, which is very intuitive.

Identify and highlight these links in red so that they are easily identifiable by the user.

4. Link Grabber

But, if you are looking for a Chrome application that shows you all the links on your website, Link Grabber is your ally.

In addition, from this plugin, you can dump the information in an Excel or Google Sheets document to be able to do the analyzes you need comfortably.

In summary…

Well, we have reached the end of our analysis.

Now you know what the main Chrome SEO extensions are .

With these resources, you can optimize your time and focus on performing truly essential actions to improve web positioning .

And if you need reinforcements, here we are! At Grown Up Digital we are an SEO Agency and we can offer you totally personalized advice.

We have a specialized, close and creative team that provides solutions to the needs of each project.

Contact us and we will be happy to help you! 😊