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SEO Audit

Do you want to improve the SEO of your site? With the advanced SEO audit, find out what you need to change on your site to increase traffic and rankings. No more uncertainty or assumptions about what to do: you will find out precisely the problems of your site and how you need to solve them.

1. Why online competition analysis is important?
2. Main competitive scenarios: Low, Medium and High online competition?
2.a. Scenario 1: Low online competition in your industry
2.b. Scenario 2: Media competition online in your industry
2.c. Scenario 3: High online competition and presence of big brands
3. The advantages of competitor analysis
4. Why study online competition

What is Advanced SEO Audit?

An ad hoc evaluation document emerges from the analysis session where the problems encountered are categorized, contextualized and explained in detail with practical examples.

Each problem is given a priority of importance and at least one solution is indicated to be able to solve it.

It is important to clarify that automatic evaluation tools are not used in carrying out the SEO Audit , as the checks are mainly based on the manual analysis of pages and code in order to ascertain the effective optimization of the main ranking factors.

Types of SEO Audit

My SEO Audit is comprehensive and designed to improve all aspects of your site’s SEO campaign. Following are the various types of auditing that will be carried out:

Keywords Audit

Analysis of your current keyword set to verify strategic correctness, identification of new keywords, prioritization of positioning and classification of keywords based on search intent.

Audit Competitor

Analysis of the main online competitors to identify their SEO strategies, visibility in organic results, on-site and off-site SEO factors and define the action plan to align and then surpass them in the SERPs.

Site Architecture Audit

Analysis of the current information architecture to identify areas for improvement and possibly design a more effective structure to improve the indexing and authority of the pages of your site.

Content Audit

Analysis of the pages on your website in order to identify the pages that are good, those to be improved and those to be deleted or merged. The goal is to present only quality content to Google.

Backlink Audit

Existing backlink profile analysis to identify popularity issues, prevent link pattern penalties and find new opportunities to increase your site’s authority.

Web Performance Audit

Identification of technical problems that affect the loading speed of your site’s pages and that can negatively affect the User Experience and therefore damage placements and conversion rates.

Macro areas examined

The SEO Audit service focuses on the analysis of 11 macro-areas which contain the main critical issues:

  1. Market analysis
  2. Indexing
  3. Technical SEO
  4. Duplication
  5. HTML optimization
  6. Content optimization
  7. Usability
  8. Web performance
  9. Popularity
  10. Safety
  11. penalties

Each macro-area in turn presents a tasklist with a series of SEO checks to complete. At the end of the checks, a summary graph will be obtained which summarizes the main macro-areas on which the problems were found.

The individual problems can be explored through the complete document that contextualizes the problem and provides at least a practical solution to solve it.

Each problem also presents a criticality index in order to put you in a position to be able to evaluate which recommendations to implement urgently.

Main benefits of SEO Audit

  1. Increase traffic and visibility on Google
  2. Improve UX and increase Conversions
  3. Maximize On-Page SEO
  4. Improve the quality of your content
  5. Recover or avoid Google penalties
  6. Custom strategy for your site

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between advanced SEO Audit and an online SEO Audit tool?

The Advanced SEO Audit is customized and much more in-depth than an automatic Audit performed by tools such as Semrush or similar.

The tools perform the same checks for all sites based on a set of predefined rules and never manage to evaluate the overall SEO performance of a site, nor what are the real problems to be solved to obtain results.

In addition, these online audit tools often report false issues by making you work on useless aspects and which in the worst cases can even damage the SEO of your site.

I have acquired several clients whose sites have been literally devastated by agencies that based their SEO activities on the recommendations indicated by these automatic audit tools.

1. There are some web agencies and SEO consultants who offer free SEO Audits, why should I buy it instead?

These web agencies / consultants exploit the ignorance of potential customers to pass off simple commercial documents created automatically for SEO Audit.

Basically it is a commercial technique that acts as a “trojan horse” to sell you other services, such as the makeover of the site.

A true SEO expert will never give you an SEO Audit, for the simple reason that it is a very complex job to do and that requires advanced skills that very few have.

2. For which sites is the Advanced SEO Audit suitable?

As I explain in the summary page of SEO services , this is a necessary activity for every website, corporate or e-commerce, because it allows you to understand its degree of optimization and if there are problems that preclude the best performance on the search engines. research as well as the seriousness of these problems.

It is also particularly suitable for websites under construction , where the SEO Audit is carried out on the site in the test area.

In this way, by implementing the recommendations indicated in the audit document (or at least the recommendations with high criticality), you are sure to publish online a perfect version of your site and that it would start on the right foot in terms of organic positioning.

3. I don’t have an IT department: who implements the proposed solutions?

Although here we deal exclusively with SEO and SEM, while programming is a related activity, my team has extensive experience on the main CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Prestashop) and it is possible to evaluate our direct intervention if it were necessary.

Of course, a separate quote will be quoted for the implementation of the recommendations.

4. What technical requests should I expect?

To carry out a complete radiography of your site it is of fundamental importance to share accesses to the main analytical panels ( Google Search Console and Google Analytics ). The more information we have, the better the quality of our analyzes.

5. The ranking factors analyzed which search engine refer to?

They mainly refer to Google which absorbs almost all searches in Italy. For this reason it is correct to speak in this case of the Google SEO Audit service .

In the case of sites whose business objectives are concentrated in markets such as Russia where searches are mainly consumed on Yandex, the factors analyzed will concern both search engines (Google and Yandex).

6. How long does it take to deliver the SEO Audit?

The minimum time required to complete the analyzes and explain them through the document is 10 days . Also in this case the timing is influenced by the same factors that affect the price.

7. What results should I expect from the SEO Audit?

Even when implementing each of the recommendations suggested, specific results cannot be guaranteed, but you will immediately see an increase in traffic and rankings as issues are resolved.

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