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SEO Analyzers: all the tools to do free online SEO analysis

Let’s see the main SEO Analyzer tools to do the free online SEO analysis, essential to evaluate the goodness of your SEO optimizations or to monitor the work of external consultants or web agencies.

  • SEO Analyzer by Neil Patel
  • SEO Checker by Ahrefs
  • SEO Site Checkup
  • SEO Tester Online
  • SEO Web Page Analyzer
  • SEOptimer
  • Site Analyzer
  • Semrush Site Audit
  • Sitechecker
  • Spotibo
  • SEO analysis through Google Analytics
  • The main KPIs for SEO analysis
  • Example of website and blog SEO analysis
  • Example of SEO analysis for e-commerce site
  • Conclusion on Online SEO Analyzers

Please note : SEO Analyzers are reviewed simply in alphabetical order.

SEO Analyzer by Neil Patel

SEO Analyzer by Neil Patel is an advanced tool for online SEO analysis of a website .

The platform provides a complete SEO audit of the analyzed site from which we can draw a lot of information to proceed with SEO optimizations .

The report allows you to analyze traffic and easily identify how to make improvements.

The complete analysis of the tool allows to highlight the factors that affect the loading times of the site.

In addition, the reports also contain tutorials to implement the activities.

Thanks to the SEO Analyzer audit we can have a convenient report to consult to identify the errors to be corrected, in order to improve the positioning.

The SEO Analyzer tool also contains the Backlink Checker function : just enter the URL of a site to get a complete overview of the site from the point of view of the authority of the backlinks .

Similarly, we can also use it to analyze the status of competitors  backlinks.

SEO Checker by Ahrefs

Ahrefs Site Audit performs a comprehensive SEO audit of the website and produces an overall optimization score.

The tool analyzes over 100 SEO-relevant aspects such as loading speed, social pages, crawl capability, image size, resource file size, social tags, etc.

Thanks to the information graphics it allows you to identify at a glance the crucial aspects to be optimized and also allows you to monitor the mobile version of the website.

Ahrefs provides a 7-day trial for $ 7, during which in addition to the Site Audit it is possible to test all the features of the best Link Intelligence tool on the market.

SEO Site Checkup

SEO Site Checkup is a platform that allows you to analyze the efficiency of the structure of a web page.

The instrument returns a series of indicators ranging from Passed checks (the aspects that are optimized), Failed checks (the aspects not fully optimized) and Warnings (the errors to be corrected).

The tool’s reports allow you to quickly check the site’s optimization status.

Obviously we can use the tool to also analyze a competitor’s site and evaluate its effectiveness compared to ours.

There are different pricing plans, from the Basic to the professional one, with a free trial for the first 14 days.

SEO Tester Online

SEO Tester Online is a website analysis suite that allows you to optimize websites for search engines and analyze individual pages in detail.

This SEO tool analyzes the basic structure, content and loading speed to improve the effectiveness of web pages.

Thanks to the advice of the platform, improvements can be made to specific aspects that affect the performance of the website.

The Keyword Explorer tool allows you to identify the keywords around which to create effective SEO oriented content.

The solution is very versatile and is well suited to the needs of both structured and small businesses.

SEO Web Page Analyzer

SEO Web Page Analyzer is a free tool that allows you to analyze a website from the point of view of content and structural correctness.

The tool highlights the optimization status of various aspects of a site with green and red icons.

The platform expresses with a score the optimization status of various aspects of the site (such as Tag Title and Meta Description , the use of H1 tags, the keywords used, links on the pages, etc.).

These indications make it very intuitive to identify areas that require optimization and improvements.


SEOptimer is a tool that allows you to analyze an entire site starting from a URL address.

This tool allows you to identify problems that can affect the potential development of a website.

It also provides a number of aspects on which it is convenient to work on the basis of a list of priorities.

It proves to be a very suitable tool for not very structured realities, which do not have many resources available as is the case for large SEO agencies.

Thanks to the intuitive green, yellow and red icons we can immediately understand which aspects are SEO optimized and which are not.

We can use it to analyze indexing, optimization of SEO tags, anchor text of internal links, loading speed.

The tool is available at different pricing levels depending on the number of enabled functions. To analyze the web pages in addition to the first one must be registered.

Site Analyzer

Site Analyzer is a platform that allows you to analyze a website at 360 degrees. It analyzes the web pages and also the javascript elements and produces a report in real time.

The page analysis offers us in-depth information on the optimization of the site from the point of view of contents, accessibility and design.

The Rank Tracking function allows you to evaluate the positioning on Google of the site for the keys of interest.

We can analyze the backlink profile and compare the situation of our site to that of our competitors.

Different price ranges are available depending on the functions you want to enable.

Semrush Site Audit

Semrush Site Audit is the tool of the well-known SEO suite that allows you to identify over 130 technical and SEO errors .

The tool analyzes many aspects such as loading speed, navigability, status code, HTTPS security protocols, CSS and javascript errors and content related issues.

The thematic reports of the platform allow you to quickly highlight the SEO salient aspects of the website such as internal links, HTTPS protection, canonical tags, loading speed, mobile browsing.


Sitechecker provides a complete site analysis . The tool returns warnings divided by importance to help us implement the appropriate corrections.

The tool shows us an exhaustive list of non-optimized elements on which we will have to work.

In addition, the platform offers a series of advanced tools such as Site Monitoring, Rank Tracker (to monitor positioning) and Backlink Tracker (to monitor the status of backlinks).


Spotibo is a free SEO analyzer that allows you to analyze up to 500 web pages for free from multiple points of view.

We can find duplicate content on our site, discover technical errors in pages, evaluate if the Title and Description tags are optimal, determine if link anchor text is appropriate, identify missing Alt tags for images, discover unproductive redirect chains, etc.

Thanks to this tool we can analyze entire websites from the point of view that Google has of them. The tool directly identifies those it considers to be errors.

SEO analysis through Google Analytics

Now let’s see the main KPIs that I analyze through the personalized reports on Google Analytics and that I believe it is necessary to keep under control in any SEO campaign in order to understand the situation at a glance.

The concept of “Size”

Google Analytics is essential for analyzing web marketing campaigns, thanks to the large amount of metrics that it makes available to us for each dimension .

At the same time, however, orienting oneself among this amount of data could be rather difficult (from direct experience, even many professionals in addition to installing the monitoring code and setting some filters do not go further).

For this purpose, I believe that it is first of all important to clarify the concept of “dimension” in Google Analytics: a dimension is a characteristic of the visitor.

For example, a visitor who browses from Milan and who arrived on your site through an organic search on Google, will be registered with the following dimensions: city, keyword, source / medium.

For more information on dimensions and metrics, I refer you to the official guide .

The main KPIs for SEO analysis

KPIs are used internally by the SEO consultant to measure and optimize the performance of SEO services.

Mainly it is important to analyze three things:

  1. how the campaign has performed and is performing;
  2. from which channels users come and how they consume the contents;
  3. the level of active involvement of users with respect to the contents.

Internal KPIs to evaluate performance

  1. Sessions: indicates how much traffic has reached the website;
  2. Goal completions: indicates the total number of completed conversions (you can select a specific goal or divide the different goals);
  3. Revenue: indicates the revenue from transactions on the e-commerce site we are monitoring;
  4. Goal conversion rate: indicates the percentage of visits that translates into conversions;
  5. Ecommerce Conversion Rate: Indicates the percentage of visits that results in e-commerce transactions.

Internal KPIs to monitor content consumption

  1. Page views: Indicates how many times a page is displayed.
  2. Average time on page: indicates the average time users spend on a specific page or set of pages.
  3. Bounce Rate: Indicates how many users have limited themselves to viewing one page.

Internal KPIs to measure user engagement

  1. Pages / session: indicates how many pages are viewed on average during a session.
  2. Social actions: indicates which social action took place (e.g. +1, Like, Share)

These are the metrics you need to quickly and accurately monitor the performance of any SEO consultancy.

In order to group them together, it will be necessary to create a custom report that will have the Source / Medium dimension and those indicated as metrics.

Example of website and blog SEO analysis

For this example, the last 3 months were taken into account as the reference period and the following metrics were selected for the custom report:

  • Sessions;
  • Objective Completion;
  • Goal conversion rate;
  • Page views;
  • Average time on page;
  • Bounce Rate;
  • Pages / session;
  • Social actions.

As this is a simple corporate site, the metrics strictly related to e-commerce sites (Revenue and E-commerce Conversion Rate) have not been included.

If you want to implement the same SEO analysis for corporate websites you can download it for free by clicking here .

Example of SEO analysis for e-commerce site

When it comes to SEO for e-commerce, you definitely want to know how revenue is quantified and what source / medium is generating it.

This example is also for the last three months and these metrics have been considered:

  • Sessions;
  • Revenue;
  • E-commerce conversion rate;
  • Page views;
  • Average time on page;
  • Bounce Rate;
  • Pages / session;
  • Social actions.

If you want to download this SEO analysis for e-commerce websites click here .

If, on the other hand, you want to juggle on a professional level, I recommend that you consider my course dedicated to Google Analytics .

Conclusion on Online SEO Analyzers

Is an analysis with an SEO Analyzer enough to understand if your site is really optimized?

Of course not, but it can be a good starting point for avoiding and correcting blatant SEO mistakes.

A serious SEO analysis that brings results, requires an experienced SEO Specialist who is able to interpret the data that provide the tools and make decisions accordingly.

What’s your favorite SEO Analyzer tool ? Let’s talk about it below!