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My business is not showing up on Google Maps, why?

Another question that many business owners ask themselves, in addition to ” My company does not appear in Google”, or “My company is not well positioned in Google”.

First we will explain why Google Maps is important, with a series of short points, so that the real importance of Google Maps is seen.

Table of contents:
1. I do not appear on google maps: is it serious?
2. My company does not appear on google maps: verified?
3. Google maps code does not arrive
4. My company does not appear on google maps: relevance
5. My company does not appear in google maps: user location
6. Why doesn’t my business appear on google maps?: regulations

I do not appear on google maps: is it serious?

On the one hand, Google Maps has indisputably established itself as the number 1 mobile application to navigate, find businesses, comment on them, etc …

Although it is not something direct, if we appear on Google Maps, it is very possible that Google values it positively and this implies that we gain in SEO positioning of our website, at least as far as Local SEO is concerned.

SEO and Google Maps are linked.

If a potential client does a search on Google Maps, and you appear in it with your company, they can find your business and trace a route to get there, see reviews, ratings, photographs … As a business, if your company does not appear In Google Maps you will be missing all the positive impact that you could get by keeping Google Maps updated.

Google Maps has replaced company directories, the classic concept of salmon or yellow pages, right now it has become a tool present on all Android smartphones and installed on many iOS smartphones (from Apple) that is used to search for data from contact of a company, locations, how to get there, photographs, user reviews, opening hours and much more …

Being on Google Maps is the door to visits to the web, phone calls, etc …

Having said why it is important for my business to appear on Google Maps… We can face why my business does not appear on Google Maps.

My company does not appear on google maps: verified?

The first thing you have to do is check some of the points in your Google My Business, there you have to check if the published or verified indicator appears next to the name of the business.

If this is not the case, it is possible that you have not carried out all the steps to verify that you are the owner of that business, and in the search for quality towards the user, Google Maps is still not showing the business.

If you think something has happened with the process, you have not received the verification code, contact the support team to raise your doubts and that they can provide solutions.

The Google Maps verification code can reach you in several ways, we tell you about them so that you are attentive:

  • Email : if the business has been verified before and that email appears in the tab
  • Telephone : if the business has been verified before and that telephone number appears in the file
  • By letter : if the business is the first time that it is verified, or when Google considers it necessary to request a verification by postal letter.

Google Maps code does not arrive!

Normally when a code does not arrive it is because it is being verified by letter, it seems that it is requested several times and that it never arrives. But keep trying to ask for the letter, because sometimes they get lost.

And sometimes there is no way for the letter to arrive , due to problems with the address, so you would have to speak directly to Google to request a manual verification, which consists of performing a series of actions requested by a Google Maps employee.

My Company Does Not Appear On Google Maps: Relevance

In another vein, it is possible that the indicator does appear and the business still does not appear in Google Maps, well, in this case the path is longer and does not allow detours.

Most likely, we are witnessing what Google considers a lack of relevance to your business.

It has a solution, but it involves work, updates, images, getting reviews and above all that the business website that is linked from the Google Maps profile is worked for SEO for the necessary keywords so that Google Maps considers it a relevant business …

On the other hand, the more reviews, updates, status, related publications you get for your business, the sooner Google Maps will consider your business relevant and the sooner you will start to appear in the searches made by users, not only in the application itself, but also in the Google searches directly.

Also, if you recently changed information, added information, or edited any of the parameters of your business listing in Google Maps, it is possible that given the Google algorithm that takes into account a lot of different information, these changes will not appear reflected, but also that your business does not appear in Google when you do the searches until Google stabilizes the situation.

Your company may not appear listed with certain searches. This is a problem of positioning and the relevance that Google gives your business for certain keywords of products or services.

My Company Does Not Appear In Google Maps: User Location

Or your company may not appear listed in certain searches due to the location of the user, or the location of the search that the user wants to perform in a specific place on the map.

This is because the location of your business is not relevant to the search of the user who is looking for products or services in another area.

Against this, nothing can be done, since the location of your business also marks certain aspects of positioning in Google maps.

Why doesn’t my business appear on google maps?: Regulations

Did you know that Google Maps has its own guidelines and regulations?

Yes, if you violate it (that is why it is necessary to read it before publishing anything) it is very possible that Google will delete information about your company or prevent it from being displayed in user searches.

How to know that you violate the Google Maps guidelines?

Easy, a warning will appear, a notification in your Google My Business control panel indicating that your account information has been disabled or suspended.

The moment you meet the guidelines again, the solution is within reach of a notification, and Google will republish your business information.

As you can see, if you want a validated Google Maps account, well updated, referenced and that complies with Google guidelines, it is best that you contact a company specialized in this type of procedure.

To be sure that everything will go correctly and you will not have problems with your business not appearing in Google, in Your Web Positioning we are willing to help you in this or any task you may need, we are within the reach of just one click.

Contact us for any help in Google Local Maps Listing difficulties