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Keyword Analysis & Selection Services

Analysis of keywords in SEO is the act of searching, analyzing and selecting the best keywords for qualified traffic from search engines to your website.

Choosing the right keywords to optimize your site is a real science that cannot be improvised, since it requires careful analysis and even more careful planning to give good results.

On this page you will understand:

1. Which means Keyword
2. What are the keywords on a website?
3. What are the keywords in SEO?
4. Why keyword analysis is so important in SEO?
5. What is the goal of keyword analysis?
6. How do I find the best keywords for a website?
7. Where the keywords are placed on the site?
7. Conclusions

What does Keyword mean?

A keyword is a word or phrase (typically two or three words) that potential customers use when searching on Google.

A keyword works in much the same way in market research.

Before creating a new product , each company carries out careful market analysis to discover the tastes of consumers, asking themselves what they need and trying to answer the question by creating the new product.

The same goes for SEO and for this reason it is very important to proceed with the analysis of search habits to select the best keywords.

What are the keywords on a website?

They are the words and phrases present in the content and code of your website and which allow people to find your site through search engines.

A website optimized for search engines “speaks the same language” as its potential visitors and uses keywords that help users find it on Google.

What are the keywords in SEO?

In SEO keywords can be divided into:

  1. Short Keywords : 1 or 2 words with high research volume and high competition;
  2. Long tail : 3 or more words with low search volume and low competition.

Tools such as SEMrush and certainly give a good hand in the research of keywords, not to mention the enormous resources that Google makes available to us through the Keyword Planner .

In addition to this, if you already have a site, you can analyze the data collected with Google Analytics or carry out useful tests with Google Ads (for more information read: SEM Campaigns – how AdWords helps SEO ).

Let’s never forget that Google is currently the best search engine around and the most used one in Italy.

For this reason, the information from Google is the best available, especially if integrated with other professional tools and analyzed by an expert SEO consultant.

Why is keyword analysis so important in SEO?

The analysis of keywords is absolutely crucial in any SEO consultancy because, if used correctly, it provides vital information for defining the architecture of the site and for developing the content it will host.

The keywords answer the question: “what are my potential customers looking for on search engines”? What content do they expect to find?

If your site works in an already saturated niche, working on the right keywords will make the difference between the success and failure of the SEO campaign .

Even in the event that your site is so original as to be the only one on the web to deal with a certain topic, the choice of the keyword is of great importance to defend yourself from future and potential online competitors.

What is the goal of keyword analysis?

The goal of a professional SEO keyword analysis is:

  • Understand the needs that consumers express through Google searches
  • Discover new services or products to offer
  • Define the structure of the site and the contents it will host
  • Evaluate the creation of new categories
  • Create guidelines for SEO Copywriting.

Using effective keyword research and analysis methods we can determine a profitable niche, find related markets, position your site well for specific topics and drive qualified and relevant traffic to your pages.

We can practically promote your site, your products and your services correctly.

How do I find the best keywords for a website?

The search for the correct keywords goes through different stages of positioning on search engines , since all site planning must be correctly set up based on this analysis.

What users are looking for and what topics they use to read, are all fundamental information to keep in mind when you go to develop the site, you choose the topics to be treated and you create content and pages on our site.

The method therefore consists of:

  • Analyze what consumers express in the research phase;
  • Organize the information acquired;
  • Identify consumer needs and preferences;
  • Use information to:
    • Seize new business opportunities;
    • Define the site architecture;
    • Choose the words to use in the texts.

To do well, you always have to ask yourself one thing (exactly how companies do during market research): what are they looking for and what needs do users have?

In a word: think like a potential customer . Identify your target audience and put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer when looking for your products or services.

Where should the keywords be entered on the site?

Taking into account what has been said so far, let’s see now where the keywords are placed on a website.

As for the pages of our site, it is good to have at least the main keyword already in the titles and then replicate them or add others within the content.

The keywords should also be entered:

  • in Meta tags ;
  • in SEO friendly URLs ;
  • in the Pictures ;
  • in internal links between pages and with other sites (for more information see the article: How to do link building )

Obviously, it is good to vary the keyword to write anyway with a certain naturalness , without forcing too much and giving life to illegible content that can penalize our site (for further information read the article dedicated to the penalties of Google).

In general, it is good to avoid excessive use of keywords and always remember that your audience is humans, not search engines!

Finally, we must always keep the site up to date, test our work, change the arrangement of the keywords and look for the best combinations from time to time.


In essence, the analysis of keywords is a very delicate and never-ending job, since it must be constantly evolving to bear fruit.

Finally, it does not make sense to focus only on SEO parameters (such as Keyword Difficulty) or on search volumes, as many colleagues and SEO agencies do: you need to do a real market analysis to be successful.

Do not underestimate this fundamental aspect of SEO services and immediately contact an established professional.

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