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How long does SEO take to give you results?

If you are into the SEO industry, you might come across the question- “How long does SEO take?” Unfortunately, no one is able to find the relevant answer to this question as SEO performs differently for different websites. Even if your website has all the important factors, Search Engines and Users might find some error in it.

It is hard to get immediate results from SEO, but you can work on fresh content, keywords, organization image building, and build its long term good image. If your website has all the relevant elements, it might become easy for you to get it ranked. Even if you start SEO for your website, the traffic percentage, website design, domain age, content, location, target audience, and competition percentage will define everything about the website. And all this process consumes up to 4 to 6 months.

Technical SEO will start showing results when you will add the important elements to it. But the measurable growth will be seen after putting in a lot of effort. So why does SEO take so long? To get better results or to achieve goals. And here, UX or user experience plays a major role. Users are the prime people to get a result from. Even if they visit your website, they will require a better experience to stay. When you are asking “How long does SEO take?” so the low-quality SEO will take more time. Here are some factors involved with Low-Quality SEO:

  • Competition: Every business has competition and if that competitor is also investing in SEO, you might see the delay in improvement in your SEO ranking. Even not every SEO service provider works in the same way. So to get better results, you have to find the best one. And in this case, Grown Up Digital can be the best option for you.

Not only this, but SEO is also becoming popular with time and almost every business is investing in it. So if you don’t have enough money to invest, you might not be able to get a better organic result. That’s why it is suggested to have an SEO campaign and work according to that.

  • Inbound Links: If you understand SEO very well, you might know inbound links play a major role in that. The type of links will determine how long does SEO take. So the volume of the link will also help in determining the website growth. If you have more links, you will be able to get better results. But you have to find the best website or high-quality website to get results. The low-quality website might not help you to reach on the top.

Everyone follows a different way to have to earn benefits from links. So here speed and historical data are equally important. Don’t try to do it unnaturally as it might let you get the best results and become a part of Black Hat SEO.

Find the best way to get results and work on that. So with High-quality links, you will be able to get relevant and faster growth. And if your Links building process follows Search Engine’s guidelines, you will be able to get to the top.

  • Content: SEO is blank without content and you can’t even think of designing a website without content. So here, the quality and original content matter the most. You have to make sure to follow SEO guidelines while forming the content. The required word count depends on the type of content you are choosing. So you have to keep all these points in mind. But the best part is that there are no guidelines to show creativity. So you can define the content length as per the topic.

There is a myth that you should update new content slowly. But on the other hand, Search Engines give preference to the website with updated content. You have to do it naturally and earn more results. If you have new content ready, even if it’s not designed as per SEO guidelines, post it. Waiting for more will convert SEO as a longer process. Maintain consistency while publishing the data to let your website look updated to Search Engines and to encourage users to return on your website.

Mastering the basics is quite important to get better SEO results. And for that, you should know the SEO basics. And this starts by understanding three types of traffic generating ways:

  1. Map Listings: Map Listing helps in connecting with the users by providing direction to them.
  2. Organic: Grabbing the traditional search results from Search Engines by working on some easy factors.
  3. PPC: Pay Per Click works on the Ad basics. When a person clicks on Ad, the company has to pay for that. Also, here the ad will display on the top.

3 OTHER factors will determine how long SEO does take:

  1. Keywords: Keywords are quite important as it helps in targeting the result. And the keyword is anything that the target audience is searching for. Therefore, finding a better keyword research or adding relevant keywords to the website will determine the time to be consumed during the SEO process.
  2. Domain Name: The name of the domain should determine the business. It should have a relevant keyword to improve SEO efforts.
  3. Business Location: Every business works in a different area or is dependent in other areas. So you must define the niche of the business and location and stay focused on the same.

How Long Does SEO take? 


SEO is not about quantity, it is about quality. If you are working less but in a relevant way, you will get better results. Also, for the long term basis, White Hat SEO is the best as Search Engines finds it genuine and don’t blacklist your website for following that.

SEO is important for every business to achieve goals and that’s why you have to be more concerned about it. You should plan an SEO strategy and work according to that. Or you can simply hire a trustworthy Grown Up Digital Company in Bangalore for SEO service and get your work done by them. This will define “how long does SEO take”. We hope you got the answer to that.