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BERT: Google’s New Algorithm Change

Once again, Google has changed its algorithm again. The novelty of this new change is that the search engine is able to interpret even better the natural language of the different searches. This new change is the largest since RankBrain (and this is almost 5 years ago)

BERT stands for this change and stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformed. Google’s goal is to be able to give users the best response when they search.

They have been working on this all these years, and they have been achieving it with every algorithm change they have made. Google has “forced” web pages to be much more informative and user friendly for visitors.

What BERT does

What this new algorithm does is to process the keywords within a context instead of doing it one by one as before. In other words, the words in front and behind will now be taken into account to put the search terms in context. In this way, it will be possible to respond to queries that until now had been impossible to anticipate.

This new change is very beneficial for those longer queries that have prepositions in addition to keywords. What we hope will happen is that, over the course of these weeks and months with BERT, the interpretation of the search context will be improved.

How BERT interprets

So that you understand it better we are going to give you an example.

Before if you did the search “envelope for letter” or ” print on paper” , Google understood that the word “ENVELOPE” was the same in both cases. However, it is not.

Above all, in our language, it occurs on many occasions where we find prepositions that can function as other types of words, such as pronouns, determiners or as part of a verbal periphrasis. Well, here is the key to the new change, that the algorithm is capable of contextualizing the words used in the search to give you the most complete answer .

Especially the prepositions and pronouns have been a challenge for the interpretation of the search engine and now thanks to the application of AI everything has been “simplified”. But there is still much more to refine since, the final objective is that Google is able to interpret our doubts and needs whatever our searches are.

At the moment what we know about this change is that it is one of the most important algorithm changes in many years. Be in touch with our SEO Services Company blog for more such updates

We will continue to inform!

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