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Google Makes Changes to its Algorithm Again

It’s confirmed: New changes to the Google algorithm are coming. The most powerful and used search engine worldwide does not rest. If a few months ago Google were surprised with the algorithm change called BERT, what will be next?

You, as an entrepreneur who owns a website, must know how these changes can influence you.

A priori and according to official Google sources, they indicate that this new evolution of the algorithm will not be implemented until next year. However, experts in the field, we have already begun to notice some changes in the flow of traffic to the websites, and it may be due to this new way of evaluating that Google has announced.

What is Google Page Experience ?

Now Google, in addition to taking into account all the aspects that it had been incorporating such as the content of the web, the optimization of tags and metatags, images, etc. add one more, THE USER EXPERIENCE.

In this case, what the search engine will measure is the experience of each user while browsing the web.

How to optimize a website to improve the user experience?

Here is the key. Soon we will dedicate an article exclusively to improve the user experience. At the moment, we are going to give you some brushstrokes on what we as experts intuit (but no official source has confirmed) on the aspects that Google is going to take into account to rate a website, taking into account the user experience:

  • Time the visitor spends on the web.
  • The loading speeds of the internal pages (and of the web in general).
  • That there are no broken links.

These are some of the fundamental questions, but there are also others such as for example that the telephone numbers are clickable, that the web is responsive, etc. If you do not know them, do not worry because in our next article we will talk extensively about it and we will make a list of points to take into account to improve the usability of your website , facing users.

 When will the change begin to affect?

According to the official sources of Google, this change in the algorithm will begin to work in early 2021. However, and according to our experience on other occasions, it is possible that Google is gradually starting to implement it gradually . If so, it would be starting to rate down and up those websites that take care of the user experience and have taken into account some of the points that we have previously mentioned. As it has happened with other algorithm changes, Google will be doing web reviews while also learning how to identify each and every one of the bookmarks.

Therefore, from Being or not Being marketing, we encourage you to go ahead and review your website from the point of view of a user who accesses it for the first time. 

Ask yourself a series of questions such as: 

  • Is the web fast? 
  • Do call-to-action buttons work? 
  • Is the home page clearly structured and intuitive? 
  • Would you shop on the web? 
  • Would you ask for an appointment?

Think about it and value your answers. You are in time to prepare your website for the changes announced by Google. What are you waiting for?

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