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SEO Online Competitor Analysis Services

The analysis of online competitors consists of identifying the main online competitors with the aim of determining web marketing strategies, visibility on search engines in organic and paid results, the on-site and off-site factors on which their online visibility.

From the analysis comes the summary document where the strategies of each online competitor are deepened , with the aim of obtaining information on the strategies that are working in your target market so that you can adopt them, improve them and obtain a competitive advantage.

In this phase, the foundations are laid to plan the strategy to be implemented in the SEO campaign in order to overcome the competitors in the SERP.

Let’s see in detail:

1. Why online competition analysis is important?
2. Main competitive scenarios: Low, Medium and High online competition?
2.a. Scenario 1: Low online competition in your industry
2.b. Scenario 2: Media competition online in your industry
2.c. Scenario 3: High online competition and presence of big brands
3. The advantages of competitor analysis
4. Why study online competition

Why online competition analysis is important

The analysis of online competition is an essential component for the formulation, implementation, monitoring and adaptation of the SEO and Web Marketing strategy to the current competitive scenario.

It is an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential online competitors, providing both an offensive and defensive strategic context for identifying opportunities and threats.

From an offensive perspective , the analysis can reveal strategic weaknesses of our online competitors that we can exploit to our advantage. For example, if our competitors do not invest in SEO, we can take advantage of this weakness to manage the organic channel by investing little.

From a defensive point of view , it allows you to fight competing companies if they want to exploit our weaknesses. For example, if one of our competitors is developing content similar to that found on our site, we can improve our content to avoid overstepping.

Basically it shows us the way to align and then overcome our online competitors.

Main competitive scenarios: Low, Medium and High online competition

We analyze the main competitive scenarios that occur most frequently online.

Scenario 1: Low online competition in your industry

Imagine being in a niche where few competitors invest in SEO services or invest few resources by targeting low ROI keywords.

This is definitely the best competitive scenario you can hope for on your website and online business.

In this competitive scenario there may not be real online competitors and through limited investments, we can aim both to position ourselves for the words with low competition and then point to all the other keywords with medium and high competition to become online leaders in the market of reference.

Scenario 2: Media competition online in your industry

This scenario is the most frequent in the Italian market and is usually characterized by a dozen players who manage to absorb most of the traffic, leads and sales in the reference sector.

In this case, a complete analysis of online competitors allows us to understand which keywords and which pages allow competitors to generate traffic, and then identify the strategy to overcome them by exploiting their strategic gaps.

Have you ever lost traffic in a few months following the arrival of a new competitor online? If this has happened to you, you are probably in this competitive scenario.

Scenario 3: High online competition and presence of big brands

Your target market is overseen by major online brands. There is no way to compete, right? Not exactly.

The presence of major online brands in their niche should not scare us.

For example, you can find great positioning opportunities on search engines by working on informational keywords, which allow you to intercept the user in the initial phase of the conversion funnel.

With an in-depth analysis of online competitors , it is possible to identify the gaps in the strategy of the big online brands that we can exploit to take advantage of them.

The advantages of competitor analysis

To achieve and maintain a competitive advantage in your target market, you need to have a thorough knowledge of your online competition.

Competitor analysis is an online market analysis that allows you to develop an operational plan to occupy the still empty spaces that can generate a competitive advantage in the reference niche.

The main advantage of the online marketing survey is to obtain information on the strategies that their competitors are using in order to adopt them, improve them and obtain a competitive advantage.

For example, it allows you to answer the following questions:

  1. Who are your online competitors?
  2. Which are the strongest and most authoritative?
  3. What products or services do they sell?
  4. How much market share do they have?
  5. Which online acquisition channels (SEO, AdWords, Social, etc.) are there to acquire new customers?
  6. Which channels do they invest in that you are not currently monitoring?
  7. Do they use the same acquisition strategy?
  8. How aggressive are they from SEO and Web Marketing?
  9. How competitive are they?
  10. How do their web marketing strategies affect your online business?
  11. Are their strengths and weaknesses the same as those of your  business?
  12. How much do they pose a threat to your business?
  13. Which still empty spaces can generate a competitive advantage for your business?
  14. What can you do to overcome online competition?

Consequently some advantages are:

  1. Understand who your online competitors are
  2. Understand which online marketing channels are present and to what extent
  3. Identify the keywords for which they are positioned on Google and which determine their organic visibility
  4. Understand what content allows him to get more traffic
  5. Find out the keywords they invest on ppc on AdWords
  6. Get an estimate of your competitors’ organic traffic
  7. Get an estimate of your competitors’ paid traffic
  8. Realize your current status with respect to the main competitors
  9. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of each specific competitor
  10. Evaluate more precisely the resources needed to compete and win

Why study online competition?

The analysis of web competition allows us to analyze the digital strategy of its online competitors and fully understand its competitive scenario, offering tips and opportunities to improve its site and enhance it, to align it with the main competitors and with the ultimate goal of making it the leader. in the reference sector.

To increase your brand awareness, you need to analyze what online competition does.

Knowing the channels, contents and the best keywords with which competitors acquire new customers is the key to being competitive in their market niche.

Companies that practice systematic and advanced profiling of competitors can have a significant advantage.

A complete profiling capability is a fundamental and necessary skill for successful competition.

If you want to grow your company and you want to find out what strategies the competition uses to sell your own products or services, request the Online Competitor Analysis now!

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